Teacher Training Testimonials

Tracy Deng - Bikram Yoga Canberra

“I have been practicing Bikram Yoga since 2006, teaching since 2011 and running Bikram Yoga Canberra since 2014. 

Over the years, despite the increasing challenges of keeping our doors open, I strive to stay true to the Bikram method and not alter any element of this prescription - the 90 minute duration, the heat, the carpet, the mirrors and Bikram's dialogue! 

One of the biggest hurdles our studio has been facing in the last few years is the shortage of qualified teachers, due to the combination of Bikram discontinuing his TT program and Covid-19 restricting the possibility of hiring travelling teachers.

I am so stoked that Amrei has decided to lead teacher training and help carry on our yoga tradition. She is one of the most authentic Bikram Yoga teachers and is a firm believer in the Bikram Method.

Our student Kate Connolly has recently graduated from Amrei's TT program. I am in awe how well-trained she is. Kate returned home podium-ready, confident and taught dialogue driven classes with great energy and compassion. As a studio owner, I couldn't be happier to have a new member in the teaching team that respects our lineage, values Bikram's dialogue and understands the postures. 

Amrei holds high standards in her yoga practice, teaching and mentoring. It is not a coincidence that she also produces high quality teachers.”

Amy Silvester - Bikram Yoga Student

I recently completed teacher training with Amrei and Dev as part of their first Bikram Teacher Training program together. It was an incredible experience. The combined knowledge, skill and passion they both have for yoga, and their generosity in sharing these, made it a program I would highly recommend for anyone wanting to pursue the goal of becoming a Bikram teacher. 

Amrei's ongoing commitment to the practise of Bikram, her loyalty to the Bikram lineage, and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the dialogue allowed me to further from my own love and respect for the practise. Dev's lifelong practise and study of yoga makes him an incredible wealth of knowledge which he is so generous in sharing. 

The experience was very transformational for me physically, mentally and emotionally. The studio at Brogo is a great location to give you the space to fully benefit and recover from the intensity of the training. 

I cannot speak more highly of Amrei and Dev's Bikram teacher training program.  Whilst circumstances prevent attendance at a training with Bikram, I believe their program has given me the training I need to be the best teacher I can be. 

Kate Connelli - Bikram Yoga Student

This teacher training was an intense personal and professional journey for me and I couldn’t have done it without Amrei’s support. I learned so much about the yoga, and about myself. 

It was a truely life-changing experience and I am so very grateful. Amrei, Dev and Beth have an incredible wealth of technical knowledge in Bikram Yoga, philosophy, alignment and anatomy. 

Their respect for and dedication to Bikram Yoga provided us a comprehensive training, true to the Bikram philosophy and all the tools and support to be successful.

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