Bikram Yoga Teacher Training 

4th of September to 7th of November 2024 

6th Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Australia with Amrei Marden and Dev Kapil

Amrei Marden

A former Australian yoga champion, Amrei has been practicing Bikram yoga since 2001 and has taught thousands of  classes and many Posture Refinement Q&A seminars across Europe, America, Asia as well as Australia. She is considered an authority in the Bikram Yoga world. Since 2009, she has coached and judged students competing both in Australia and internationally.

Dev Kapil

Champion (2008-09) Master Yograttan Dev Kapil hails from a line of distinguished yogis. He began his yogic journey in India at the tender age of 3 under the guidance of his father, Shri M.R. Pareek, following the legacy passed down by his grandfather, Yogiraj Rishikesh Shastri, and renowned astrologer and Vedic scholar. 

Dev has studied and taught movement for over two decades in different parts of Asia, Europe and the USA.

Training is counducted over two modules

Part A

  • Daily Bikram yoga classes (7-11 per week) to be done in studio, via zoom or with Bikram class CD
  • Learn Bikram dialogue verbatim (right hand side of all postures minimum) so we can work on your teaching when you get to onsite part!
  • Complete online anatomy course 
  • Complete CPR
  • Complete reading list 
  • Online group interactions and dialogue delivery "challenges" 
  • Part A can be completed offsite

Part B

  • Part B program: (you will get 1.5 days off every week)
  • Practise up to 2 bikram classes a day 
  • Daily posture dialogue clinics to improve your delivery 
  • Daily lectures and practical classes on yoga history, philosophy and lineages with Dev Kapil (live zoom & in person)
  • Teach proper Bikram classes (with feedback and mentoring)
  • Learn proper alignment and technique of all the Bikram postures through correction of your own postures and observing Amrei and Dev work with others.
  • Lectures and Q&A’s on the most important anatomy topics for teaching a successful Bikram yoga class (e.g; the importance and anatomy of correct breathing & breathing instructions in the dialogue, often observed injuries & how to deal with them, facia, hyperextension, etc) with Beth Warner.


Australia Needs Bikram YOGA Teachers Now

Training Details

Australia Needs Bikram Yoga Teachers

Bikram Yoga lives on but the teacher trainings have stopped. Covid has disrupted out lives considerably and continues to do so. A shortage of Bikram Yoga teachers in Australia has prevailed, with no options any time soon to rectify this. 

I have been approached personally by many people to conduct Bikram Yoga Teacher Training for Australia. It is with great excitement to announce that I will be conducting a Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in AustralIa, starting February 2022. The training will be as close to the Bikram Teacher Training as possible. There will be differences of course, but only those that are unavoidable.

When recreational travel resumes, your next step would be Bikram’s proposed Bikram Yoga University in India.

The Format

Training is conducted in two modules: 

  • Part A
  • Part B

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide Bikram Yoga Teachers that are trained in the Bikram Yoga tradition. Teachers will be competent in the Bikram Yoga dialogue and will have a relevant understanding of the physicality’s of the yoga. 

Our training program is recognised by Yoga Alliance and trainees who complete the course will achieve a 300hr certification.


Cost: $6500

Training duration

9 Weeks

Yoga Alliance certification

300 Hours

Part A (can be completed off-site if necessary)

4 Weeks

Part B (must be completed on site)

5 Weeks

Accommodation (not included in price)

2 Options



On-site training location


Includes complementary 26&2 photography portfolio package


Attendee limit


Become a Bikram Yoga Teacher

Get 300hr Certified

Graduate Ready to Teach

Do Your Training In Australia

Time for a new beginning

Kate Connelli

Bikram Yoga Student

“...I learned so much about the yoga, and about myself. It was a truely life-changing experience and I am so very grateful. Amrei, Dev and Beth have an incredible wealth of technical knowledge in Bikram Yoga…”

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Tracy Deng

Bikram Yoga Canberra

“One of the biggest hurdles our studio has been facing in the last few years is the shortage of qualified teachers,…I am so stoked that Amrei has decided to lead teacher training…”

Read More 

Amy Silvester

Bikram Yoga Student

“I cannot speak more highly of Amrei and Dev's Bikram teacher training program.  Whilst circumstances prevent attendance at a training with Bikram, I believe their program has given me the training I need to be the best teacher I can be. ”

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