Bikram Yoga

The original 26 & 2 Hot Yoga Method

About Bikram Yoga

Bikram's Hot Yoga is a therapeutic hatha yoga sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises conducted in a room heated to 38ºC.

Each pose is a challenge based on one's personal abilities. The postures are done in a heated room to help improve flexibility to avoid the risk of overstretching.

By the end of a class, you will have worked every muscle, tendon, joint, ligament, internal organ and gland while systematically moving fresh, oxygenated blood to 100% of the body. The result is restoration of health to all systems.

As you increase strength, flexibility, and balance in your body, you will be energised, you will revitalise your mind, and you will be working on eliminating conditions of stress produced by fast-paced lifestyles.

Bikram Yoga works synergistically and cumulatively to put the body back on track and in balance.

Bikram Yoga builds strength, balance, and flexibility by gently stretching and massaging the spine, muscles, tendons, joints, and all internal organs of the body. Lung capacity is expanded, leading to greater vitality. Bones are strengthened. Joints are opened and lubricated. Muscles are strengthened, toned and made more flexible. A regular practice of Bikram Yoga can result in the healing and repair of injuries and illnesses, weight loss, and greater peace of mind.

Why Do Bikram Hot Yoga?

Bikram's Hot Yoga just makes you look and feel great - it's a great way to tone and trim your body - simple as that! The Bikram Yoga sequence, conducted in the specially heated room, also has amazing healing benefits.

Modern medical regulations will not allow us to directly make claims of Bikram Yoga's many healing properties, however many people who do Bikram Yoga on a regular basis report that they no longer suffer from conditions that can only, at best, be managed by modern medicine.

A Regular Practice

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