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Amrei holds workshops, Q&A, Master Classes, Seminars throughout Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic and China.

Amrei's classes embody the philosophy, technique and mental aspects of the Bikram Yoga Practice. Her classes are incredibly popular, drawing on many years of experience as a practitioner, teacher competition winner and judge of yoga asana championships.

Details of Classes, Seminars, Workshops and Retreats

Q&A Alignment Workshops

Seminars are available in the following time formats:

A) 2 x three hour sessions (1: Standing series and 2: Floor series). This is the optimum option as there is sufficient time to work in depth on all postures

B) Four hour extended class with lots of demo breaks at reduced heat where all postures get covered but not all in depth.

C) A shorter 2.5 hour version (4-5 postures in depth) is available - best for mid-week time slots

D) B&C Combined - A mid week 2.5 hour Q&A Class and a one day, 4 hour weekend seminar

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Retreats are multi-day events with yoga classes, discussions and other activities including day trips, dining out and other activities.

Retreats can be in the following formats:

Retreats my be anywhere from 3 to 10 nights.

Amrei's retreats are typically held at Bikram Yoga Sapphire Coast, Brogo, New South Wales, Australia, yet may be conducted in other locations both national and international.

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1099 Upper Brogo Road 

Brogo 2550 NSW

CALL +61 416 092 225

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