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Kind Words From the Happy Smiling Yogis From My Retreats, Workshops and Seminars

”Hi Amrei, I just wanted to update you on my progress since I completed your workshop at Bikram Glen Waverley 2 weeks ago. I have been able to interlock my fingers in half moon pose and it has not caused any pain in my wrists since. My hands have even improved a bit. I have also been able to do awkward and eagle without hurting my knees and locust without hurting my elbows. I just want to thank you for making such a big difference to my practise and my recovery from arthritis."

I think studios and students do need you. The dialogue is very good, but it is so detailed it is very hard to follow completely. You were very good at fixing alignment issues and that just makes the yoga work even better. I also wanted to point out that before the workshop I did ask about you and the word that consistently came up to describe you was 'amazing'. I think that is an accurate description for you. I too hope that our paths cross again one day and I would gladly take your workshop again."

Mark, Glen Waverley March 2017.

"Thanks again Amrei, for everything! You really are an exceptional teacher. Brogo (and surrounds) are so lucky to have you as their regular - and permanent teacher. Your knowledge and passion for the yoga is so inspiring. No wonder the whole world wants a piece of you - for Q&As, master classes and judging!

Miss you guys! Miss staying in the caravan too. I've loved hanging out with your beautiful family. Your kids are great and I'm so glad you've found Ben.

Bianca Blair, June 2017.

"Amazing, wonderful and very valuable. The benefits were both physical & mental in that my body can do this yoga & the knowledge from Amrei was very inspiring. Amrei is a truly passionate, caring yoga teacher. I will always be grateful to her for this experience.  The food was great - healthy & satisfying. The location is beautiful & the accommodation also great, warm & welcoming as well as comfortable."

Di S, Yoga Student, Perth.

"Amazing learning experience. The benefits I received are a much deeper understanding of the postures, lots of healing & release of tension in my lower back. Amrei helped me in a simple, practical, down to earth manner to understand the postures better so that I can receive maximum healing benefits for my body. I was able to understand how to relax certain parts of my body to release stress & tension. I feel inspired & excited to continue my yoga journey in the best possible way. I’m even more in love with Bikram Yoga."

Gill T, Bikram Yoga Canberra Studio Director.

"I’ve loved Bikram Yoga for 18 years and after attending Amrei’s informative posture clinics and truly understanding what muscles to use & what muscles to relax in each posture I can now feel my body healing at a greater level. I love Bikram yoga even more."

Anne-Maria M, Bikram Yoga teacher, Sydney.


"Coming to Sapphire Coast Bikram Yoga retreat & spending three great days with the lovely Amrei has taken my postures to a whole new depth & developed my practice even further. A wonderful experience I will never forget."

Dee C, Yoga Student, Perth.


"Wow what an amazing retreat. I absolutely loved the retreat and have walked away with so much knowledge for both my practice and teaching. Coming to Sapphire Coast Bikram Yoga Retreat and having spent 3 days with the amazing Amrei has taken my practice to a whole new level from depths into postures to mind body connection. Not only has it developed my practice further.  I feel my teaching will benefit and improve to a whole new level and be able to take this with me to share with the students back in Perth.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all."

Casey C, Bikram Yoga teacher, Perth.



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